Portrait of Premature newborn baby sleeping in incubator , ICu. Unrecognizable mother look

Pre-term infants have a unique set of needs that stands out differently from term baby development. They have different tolerance for handling, sensory input, and endurance; all to which relates to successful feeding, social interaction, and acquisition of developmental milestones. To help your baby be successful, a combination of knowledge and adaptive handling techniques can help your baby’s maturity as they grow. Reading their infant cues (which are different than term babies), supporting appropriate sensory stimulation for age, and promoting various positions for strength and development are highly beneficial but sorely under-utilized. I can help teach you what is needed for your infant based on their age and give you resources moving forward to promote holistic development.


- Initial consultation with birth history assessment-

-Customized care plan for parent and baby needs- 

- Weekly sensory guidelines for infant per age- 

- Follow up sessions if agreed upon billed separately- 

- In-between communication between sessions are available as needed-