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Your little one is here and you have some questions. Here I can help you with the overwhelming new parent feeling. As an OT and newborn specialist, I can help you to read your infants silent language. Crying is pretty obvious, but did you know that certain movements, facial grimaces, or reactions to their environment can be very helpful in reading into why your infant is reacting a certain way? For example, you may wonder, why is my baby fussy when I put them down, or why does my baby hate swaddling? Some caregivers may find themselves wondering why they can’t calm down their baby consistently or that he or she is fussy at certain times of the day.


- 1 hour consultation to meet your infant and address your immediate concerns

- Specialized recommendations tailored to the caregiver and the infants needs

- 20-minute follow up phone conversation within 1 week of consultation- 

- Email exchanges for 2 weeks post consultation-


Worried about what’s to come? I can help you prepare for your infant by providing some insight into the unique infant behaviors that occur during the first 3 months of life. I will provide you tips on “learning and reading your infants behavior” and targeted strategies to help your baby. This includes learning the way infants’ express needs and discomfort, how to support regulation, ways to support yourself as a parent. It includes a 20-minute phone follow up after birth to discuss any other concerns now that you’ve met your little one!


-One hour consultation (in person or virtual)-

-20-minute follow up conversation 1-2 weeks after birth to check in and answer any additional questions-

- Handouts/resources to utilize-

-Availability to answer questions via email for 2 exchanges both pre/post birth-