Swaddling: My Unpopular Opinion

Unpopular opinion here… I don’t like Swaddlers for the first three months of life.

I have a few reasons that I have from a professionally based view as an OT, so please read and hear me out!

Swaddlers were created to make it easier for a caregiver for swaddling baby when they are going to sleep, or are awake, or during a diaper change. When your baby is crying and fussing, the LAST thing you want to do is finick with a swaddle to get it right. I hear that (and your crying baby).

BUT… they go against your baby’s natural needs and movement patterns in the first few months of life. When a baby is in your womb, think about their position. Their arms are typically flexed and against their chest, or bring their hands onto their face or mouth. Their legs are flexed at the hips and knees.