Private or Group Classes

In person or virtual options available 



Infant Massage is a wonderful way to provide your baby with a multitude of benefits. Infant massage is recommended to start from the age of birth to the first year of life. Once initiated it can continue in other forms for several more years! This class is specialized to you and your infant as I will be there to guide you and help you focus on bonding with your little one while  I teach you the strokes. I provide demonstration of the massage strokes on a baby doll while you follow along with your infant. Each week new strokes are added and new information is provided about infant development as it relates to massage. Some of benefits include but are not limited to: bonding, positive touch, decrease colic/fussiness, improved sleep, improved feeding, weight gain, infant regulation, and parent empowerment.


- 2-3 Sessions in your home with direct hands on training-

-Demonstration by myself on a doll of the strokes-

-Adaptations unique to your infant-

-Handouts/Resources Provided-

-Open communication in between classes for any questions or concerns-


A group setting for infant massage is a phenomenal way to support your infant but also gain support for yourself as a parent! These classed still provide a personal touch and catering to you and your infants needs, but with an added bonus. Group sessions include group discussion on topics such as development, parent troubleshooting, and benefits of massage. There is an allocated time before class for a mix and mingle as well. Great for mother’s groups, friend groups, walking groups, and more! If you are a business and interested in collaborating as well, this is a great way to support your families!

*if you are a business and would like to collaborate running massage classes, please reach out to me directly*


-Minimum of 3 people per group- 10 maximum-

-Location can be based on your preference (within service area)-

-3 Classes either weekly or bi-weekly-

-Handouts/Resources Provided-

-Mix/Mingle prior to session-

-Discussion Time/Troubleshooting after Massage Class-

-90 minute class-