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A Collective Resource for Parents to Help Foster Your Infant's Development

Blossoming Babies was created as a "one stop shop" for providing infant developmental support. The first year of life is a critical part of your little one’s development. Blossoming Babies offers a variety of services that are unique to your baby’s first year of life.

As an Occupational Therapist (OT), I have been trained to know all the ins and outs of development across the lifespan. I have the ability to critically analyze situations and respond to what is in the interest of both baby and caregiver. I strive to provide a holistic approach in all that I do. My training is unique as a pediatric OT in that I understand infant development by looking at several things:

  • Neurobehavioral development

  • Sensory development

    • Visual, tactile, olfactory, oral, proprioceptive, vestibular, and auditory stimulation

  • Unique infant stress cues

  • Importance of positive touch and stimulation

  • Typical developmental milestones

These are just some of the distinctive ways I support infants in their overall development. As I have grown in my practice as an OT, I have begun to see trends in areas that both infants and parents may struggle. One of the fundamental ways to support the unique baby and caregiver bond is to begin to read infant cues, reinforcing and fostering their sensory system at a young age. That will help your infant to meet their milestones on time and be ready for the next steps as they grow.

My expertise is specialized and I will instruct you in the global tricks of the trade, highlight neurobehavioral and sensory development through touch and play, and also provide insight on positive touch and infant massage. I welcome any questions and challenges, and I hope to use my skills to help you and your infant grow together.

Come get to know me and a bit more about Blossoming Babies on my YouTube Page HERE.